Partyland is the most innovative and advance Metaverse project Designed for Gambling, Fun, Business and Gaming Industry. In PartyLand Metaverse you will have the ability Manage your Social life, Meet Friends, Date, watch a Good Show, Gamble, and Live your life on PartyLand Metaverse. Buy Lands & Coins




A brief about Partyland

How to Buy Pala COIN


PARTY LAND is a project for the Gaming In The Metaverse ecosystem world and the issue that we wish to solve is the fast transaction issue and the ability to Enjoy and manage your daily life on the metaverse. that those types of websites have and the Anonymous Issue that users suffer from when they want to stay anonymous and to do fast transactions on the metaverse ecosystem sites.

The metaverse of party land will contain 160,000 lands with the ticker PLD and it will be a metaverse for gaming, Gambling and daily fun and time spent on the metaverse. The mission is that the Pala Coin with the ticker PALA will be used as the payment method on the metaverse when users surf and enjoy the metaverse and when they Surf on Pala Coin In The game centers that will be located inside the metaverse.

Our Blockchain will be anonymous and highly Secured in Order to make sure all transaction will stay on the same Party Land Metaverse, and the network will be anonymous and fast transacted between users.

Users that will buy tokens of PALA will get it at start price of 0.5 USD.

PALA & PLD aims to create a Profit-Sharing platform built on trust and reputation with the Metaverse ecosystem. Security is the priority within our decentralized platform. We utilize the popular ERC 20 block chain technology allowing other developers to join seamlessly and without worry.

Our Technology is Based on ERC 20 and ERC 721, and We Have Started the Development of The Metaverse During The Token And Lands Sale.


Become the largest and most trusted decentralized metaverse for gaming In The Metaverse, and daily life fun platform for all users


Your Gaming network, Your Gambling Network, your online activity, and even your online presence is a 100-billion-dollar industry curated by the very companies you trust to guard your privacy.

Don’t you think it should be Easier and more anonymous to Play Online or to Watch Special Content or to surf on the metaverse and surf Online without Footprint?

These large gaming companies have created a platform for gaming in the Metaverse ecosystem world but only thing that they didn’t created is Anonymous behave to those who want to stay Anonymous online and still enjoy the metaverse and its benefits and to enjoy the Gambling and still stay safe and secure from any treat


Since its early inception, Anonymous network has quickly gone from a simple novelty used only to keep friends updated and included on our daily lives to becoming a growing source of entertainment, gaming in  The Metaverse Ecosystem World. And as nearly 1 billion people now utilize gaming and Special network in some shape or form, its impact on life cannot be denied. From those nearly 1 billion active users, volumes upon volumes of data are generated, saved, and often sold to the highest bidder. Essentially selling people’s personalities, secrets, and lives to corporations that utilize that information to create targeted ad campaigns. And this happens every moment of every day.

Party Land And Pala Coin aims to change that and redefine how gaming and The network and behave interacts within our lives! Stay anonymous.

Party land is more than just an anonymous metaverse network for gaming and Gambling!

PLD is so much more than another simple addition into the growing line of gaming and Content networks available. It is the beginning of a digital revolution

This brand new form of crypto currency can be used for a wide variety of uses and can even be utilized to fund grass roots campaigns and movements, allowing them to reach more people and larger audiences. To celebrate the launch and welcome the coming digital revolution, PARTY LAND is holding an open offering to those entire ready to join something special and different. This special occasion, only available now, will set the precedent for the entire value of the PALA. And once it’s over, no more PALA tokens will ever be produced.
So if you are ready to be a part of something special and ready to take the power back, join us in the digital revolution.


Consumers demand for better privacy and data protection has created a demand for a service that puts control, profit, and privacy back into the hands of the consumers. We are poised for yet another great disruption in marketing and advertising. The old and increasingly ineffective method of advertising will come to an end. The old way will be replaced by the next waves of innovation. Buy PLD Lands

At the forefront of the wave, Partyland has positioned itself ready to disrupt the old process. We will create more transparent and open methods for conducting business in today’s global market. innovative technology creates a scalable, anonymous, and secure secured metaverse network utilizing large amounts of data while still ensuring privacy.


PALA is a digital currency designed to be used within PARTY LAND Metaverse Network– a new, private, and secure platform that offers an integrated, decentralized market, complete with its own secured platform for Gambling and gaming and enjoy he metaverse features and benefits.


In addition to the benefits laid out in this paper, Partyland is introducing an innovative incentive program for consumers using tokens. These Tokens are used throughout the system in order to facilitate transactions within the gaming ecosystem metaverse network

Pala tokens are crafted in such a way that the entire process is secure yet transparent. This process leads to a greater sense of trust within the system



The Anonymous Metaverse Network incorporates modern technologies that secure the most popular features used in today’s privacy networks.

We have an experienced team and a product that is already built. Our team has many years of experience designing systems that are secure and capable of managing high volumes.

The PartyLand Metaverse platform can currently be found and Traded on exchanges


Through the invention of the internet, businesses found a more Convenient way of protecting customers with party land.
As we are about to enter the fourth decade of using computer networks, the ways in which advertisers reach their targeted audiences have not undergone much innovation.
Despite the poor results, many advertisers still use the old methods to advertise their products. Businesses still elect to waste funds that could be allocated towards more effective marketing.
The unfortunate truth is that many businesses are wasting precious funds to reach potential clients. The entire process undermines the experience between consumers and businesses.
We see consumers who are less likely to respond to the constant barrage of unwanted advertisement. Both parties gain nothing from the entire experience.

In direct response to this ever-expanding problem, PALA COIN has set out to reduce the need for such intermediaries while increasing companies’ ability to directly reach their desired target audience. Buy lands

Using Partyland innovative decentralized Gaming and Gambling ecosystem Metaverse network allows businesses to keep the customers anonymous, and both sides stand to gain. On the consumers’ side, we see an increase in privacy as their browsing habits and online acts in gaming industry and adult industry are no longer sold to the highest bidder. Companies benefit from knowing that their customers remain anonymous, and they don’t need be demands by governments organizations


The PARTY LAND anonymous metaverse platform contains important ecommerce features. The marketplace will allow users stay anonymous, and no one will even know that they use PALA in life and they will be able to use it inside the metaverse ecosystem and according to the Partyland demands and need and on clients sites inside the metaverse and by using the metaverse Products and NFT’s and external NFT’s


PARTY LAND will safeguard user privacy and avoid the misuse of community data. When there is a need for additional development, everything will first be presented to the community.
PARTY LAND goal is to be the anonymous platform where data is owned by the users. The community drives the network

TOTAL UNITS – 160,000 (400X400)

Green Zone

6,400 Units in 4 ETH Per Unit

Blue Zone

19,200 Units in 2 ETH Per Unit

Yellow Zone

32,000 Units in 1 ETH Per Unit

Grey Zone

44,800 Units in 0.5 ETH Per Unit

Orange Zone

57,600 Units in 0.25 ETH Per Unit

Creator Earnings Circulation Fee – 5% Lifetime


A total of 80% of available tokens will be made accessible to buyers through The ICO. We’ve reserved 20% of all tokens for our team and advisory staff and marketing Staff. PALA Coin is already Traded On Exchanges And PLD Lands Are Already on OpenSea Marketplace

At the Initial Coin Offering, 0.5$ = 1 PALA .
600,000,000 tokens will be created.
The Official Coin of The Partyland Metaverse
Minting option for the PALA token


480,000,000 TO ICO and Sales
120,000,000 TO Team, Advisors and Marketing